Marilu Flores Gruben Resumé (p. 1)

Marilu was born in Laredo, Texas and is currently living and working there.

1985Independent study with Barnaby Fitzgerald, Prof. of Art, Southern Methodist University, Dallas,Texas.
1981M.A. Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. Thesis Prof.:Roger Winter Collage Prof.:Robin Koch
1971-72Independent study with Ishmael Soto, Prof. of Art, The University of Texas at Austin.
1963-66B.A. Incarnate Word College, San Antonio, Texas.
1965-67(summers) The University of Texas at Austin (incl. Prof. Charles Umlauf).

2003Disimulación, Lago Vista Gallery, Richland College 1993
1993Galeria Arte A.C., Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
1993Borderlight Perspective II, Eastfield College, Dallas, Texas.
1988Borderlight Perspective, Eastfield College, Dallas, Texas.
1980Upstairs Gallery, Cedar Valley College, Dallas, Texas.

2010Color and Place-Five Explorations" Texas A&M International University, Laredo, Texas,
Jan. 28--Feb25
2010"As Many Layers As There Are, 2" Serigraph Printed at Serie Project. University of Texas at
2006Serie Project XIII, Coronado Studio, Austin, Texas
2004Serie Project XI. Coronado Studio, Austin, Texas
2003Latino Cultural Center Inaugural Show, Dallas, Texas.
2003Latina/o Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
2003Beaux Arts Show (Studio Selections by Gail Sachson), Dallas Museum of Art.
2001Transgressions (installation), Richland College, Dallas, Texas
1996World Women Exhibit, Dallas, Texas
1994World Colors, Dallas Women's Caucus for Art, Dallas City Hall
1989Impresiones, Bell Plaza Gallery, Dallas, Texas
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